Natural Gas & Heat Energy: An Efficient and Affordable Choice

natural gas & heat energy price in Alberta

Natural gas has been proven beneficial, whether heating your home, cooking your food, or drying your clothes. If you are looking for natural gas for heat energy for your home or workplace, Alberta Utility Source can help. Visit our website to find out about natural gas & heat energy prices in Alberta that can suit your needs best.

Why is natural gas a Smart Choice?

Natural gas can cost drastically less to heat your home compared to electrical space heating and the water you use at your location. Due to the cold Alberta climate and natural gas’s great ability to burn clean compared to other technologies, it is a great choice for many Albertans and their appliances, including one of the largest consumers, the heating load via furnaces. 

Natural gas is a de-regulated utility. It suggests that consumers have better choices and control over the price they can pay for gas. The best part is that natural gas appliances often have much lower operating costs than non-gas appliances. Thus, switching to an efficient way, the affordable natural gas & heat energy price in Alberta can save you even more.

Reasons to Choose Natural Gas

Over the years, people have enjoyed the benefits of natural gas for cooking, space and water heating, and all types of outdoor-living extras. With all that comfort and convenience come even more natural benefits because natural gas is one of the cleanest burning technologies we have available in the Alberta market at an attainable price point.  

Natural gas is a natural choice, after all! So, let’s discuss a few reasons and what wonders natural gas can do.

1. Natural Gas is Cost-Effective 

The Alberta natural gas prices are affordable, making it easily accessible when you need it most. It costs much less on your energy bills to operate natural gas appliances. There are some exciting rates and plans available with Alberta Utility Source. Each natural gas rate and price provides an affordable solution for your utility needs.

2. Natural Gas is reliable

A well-maintained natural gas furnace will provide years of reliable service. Most natural gas ranges, cooktops, water heaters, and fireplaces work in a power outage, allowing you to cook, bathe, and warm your home without interruption. Natural gas is distributed through underground lines that typically operate uninterrupted, even in severe weather conditions.

3. Natural Gas is Convenient to Use. 

You can enjoy the comfort of natural gas for cooking and heating. Natural gas provides instant warmth with a temperature you can easily adjust according to your needs. Moreover, natural gas and heat energy water heaters can reheat water quickly.


You can turn your home into a natural gas-friendly place with the economic approach of switching to natural gas and heat energy. The affordable Alberta natural gas prices will help you reduce your energy consumption which is good for the environment and your high energy bills.